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| Vol.10
The Contribution of Public Relations Departments in the Palestinian Ministries and Government Commissions to Strategic Planning and Decision-Making , Vol.10 , Fortieth Issue

Dr. Moeen F.M. Koa-Assistant Professor of P R ,Department of Public Relations and Communication,College of Higher Studies,An-Najah National University
Raghad Imresh -MA Public Relations,Department of Public Relations and Communication,,An-Najah National University

This study aimed to determine whether the public relations departments in the Palestinian ministries and governmental commissions contribute to strategic planning and decision-making and whether the higher management in these bodies provides public relations with the necessary support to carry out its strategic responsibilities and duties. The study used the questionnaire tool applied to the Palestinian civil ministries and government bodies by testing a simple random sample of government public relations departments (n=30).
The results showed that despite the contribution of public relations in strategic planning, the senior management does not use the feedback from the public relations department in the improvement and development measures. Likewise, the public relations department does not contribute vitally to setting decisions with a strategic dimension for the ministry or the commission.
Accordingly, the study recommended several recommendations, the most important of which: The senior management in Palestinian government institutions should allow public relations departments to contribute to making strategic decisions that concern the public. The senior management should provide more support to the public relations departments in the Palestinian government institutions, as the results showed that the public relations departments do not receive the necessary financial and moral support to carry out their tasks. The study also recommended the need for public relations departments to provide the senior management with feedback from the Palestinian public regarding the ministry's activities. The senior management needs to adopt the input from the public relations department and use it in the improvement and development measures it takes. Future studies can measure the public's satisfaction with the performance of public relations in Palestinian government institutions and study the extent to which senior management in Palestinian government institutions and bodies are satisfied with the performance of their public relations departments.

Key Words:
Palestinian Ministries, Palestinian Commissions, Excellence theory, Public Relations Departments, Decision making, Strategic planning.

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