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Date يناير/ مارس 2014 - January / March 2014
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Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association - Secound issue – January  / March 2014


  •  Prof. Dr. Aly Agwa  – Cairo University

       Arab mind between the media and terrorism                                                 1                                                                                                        

  •  Prof. Dr. Yas Elbayati – University of  Baghdad & Ajman University of Science

         Trends in university youth watch satellite TV and their potential impact on              values ​​and  behavior (field study)                                                               2  

  •  Prof.Dr. Ali Kessaissia – University of Algeria

  Approaches to the audience of Mass media And users of new media                3   

  • Prof.Dr. Azza Abdul-Aziz Abdullah Osman – Sohag University    

 The Factors behind the Stereotyped Image of Arab Muslim Woman in Western Media: An Arab Academic Elite Perspective                                                   12

  •  Associate Prof. Dr. Ahmed Mohammed Ahmed Zaied  – Sohag University
  •  Dr. Fatma Elzhraa Saleh Ahmed – Sohag University                             

The Effect of the Commercial Breaks in T.V Satellite Channels on the       Audience An empirical examination for investigating the increasing role of data processing using structural models                                                  13  

  • Dr. Adel Saleh – Sohag University & The British University in Cairo

Synopsis Role of the Media in the Presidential Election Campaign in Egypt in 2012 Study in the Light of Hybridization Theory                                    15  

  •  Dr. Thouraya SNOUSSI - Emirates College of Technology - Abu Dhabi

      Citizen journalism and reproduce roles                                                    17   

  • Samira Bulgithih – University of Algeria

           Arab TV drama and audience women sitting at  home                              18


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