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| Vol.9
Experts' Attitudes Towards the Future of Integrating AI Applications in Integrated Marketing Communications for Egyptian Companies: A Prospective Study , Vol.9 , Thirtieth Fifth Issue (Media & Public Relations in the Age of Artificial Intelligence)

Dr. Noha Hussein Mohamed Eltalawy-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Mass Communication,Beni Suef University

The current study aimed to monitor experts' attitudes (Practitioners & Academics) towards the future of integrating artificial intelligence applications in integrated marketing communications in Egyptian companies.The survey has been conducted on a purposive sample of (40) experts.
The study concluded that Egyptian companies are somewhat ready to integrate artificial intelligence applications into their marketing communications, and most experts indicated an optimistic future for integration, and most of them emphasized the multiplicity of ethical aspects, foremost among which was respect for customer data privacy and confidentiality, transparency, honesty and social ethics when programming an Artificial intelligence machine.

Key Words:
Artificial Intelligence, IMC, Egyptian companies.

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