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In your Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East..

This scientific enrichment which we founded for all academics, researchers and those who are interested in the science of Public Relations and communication sciences and media in our Middle East and various countries around the world .. Where we have the future vision and the strong will to contribute to leave a strong scientific print on the map of the regional and the global scientific research..

We are always proud of our uniqueness in establishing the first Public Relations academic refereed journal in in the Arab world and the Middle East .. and always where science and art and experience are available, be sure that you will always find the Egyptian public Relations Association in the lead .. Public Relations for all .. Welcome for all,,

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( Hatem Mohamed Atef (Ph.D

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Special Issue : Vol.10,First Fortieth Issue (10 OCTOBER 2022 )

Recent Trends in the Effectiveness of International Advertising Campaigns , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:7

Prof. Dr. Dina Ahmed Orabi *-Professor of Public Relations & Advertising and Media production program manager,,,Galala University

The Egyptian Public's Attitudes towards Advertising Awareness Campaigns on Satellite Channels and their Impact on his Behavior towards the Corona Virus: Empirical Study , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:8

Dr. Marzouk Abdelhakam AL-adly Salem -Assistant Professor ,Department of Media ,Collage of Arts,Sohag University

Role of the Social Marketing Campaigns in Electronic Media In Building Concept of the Social Responsibility towards the Saudi Public , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:9 -10

Dr. Rasha Abd -Raheem Mazroa-Associate Professor of Radio and Television,Mass Communication Department,College of Social Sciences,Umm Al-Qura University
Munira Musaed bin Rashid Alsaeed-MA Public Relations,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Social Sciences,Umm Al-Qura University

Elements of the Advertising Message Structure in Health- Related Campaigns and its Relationship to the Egyptian Citizen's Risk Perception: An Experimental Study , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:11

Dr. Ahmed Abd El-Salam Diab-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Mass Communication,Cairo University

The Extent to which Palestinian Communication Companies Employ Persuasive Appeals and Social Responsibility Strategies in their Promotional Campaigns on Facebook: “Jawwal” Company as a Case Study , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:12-13

Dr. Moeen F.M. Koa-Assistant Professor of P R ,Department of Public Relations and Communication,College of Higher Studies,An-Najah National University
Mojahed Al-Akhras-MA Public Relations,Public Relations & Advertising Department,,An-Najah National University

Response of the Public Relations Campaigns to Digital Transformation from a Strategic Communication Perspective , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:14

Dr. Ghada Seif Thabit *-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Arts,Minia University

Advertising Discourse for Campaigns to Combat Violence against Adolescents and its Relationship to Positive Education: A Semiological Approach , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:15

Dr. Amal Ismail Mohamed Zidan-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Press and Media Department,College of Islamic and Arabic Studies,Al-Azhar University

Impact of the Tourism Campaigns on the Country’s Image: The “Imagine” Campaign for the Riyadh Tourism Season as a Model , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:16

Fatima Abdul Rahman Ali Al Suwayh-MA Public Relations,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Arts,King Saud University

Degree of the Youth Audience's Interaction with Environmental Awareness Campaigns on Social Networks , Vol.10 , First Fortieth Issue , Pages:17

Hassan Ali Saleh Al-Ghamdi-Teaching Assistant in the Mass Communication department,Mass Communication Department,College of Arabic Language,Islamic University

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