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| Vol.9
The Role of Augmented Reality Advertising in building the Brand Equity Determinants to the Consumer: A Field Study , Vol.9 , Thirtieth Fifth Issue (Media & Public Relations in the Age of Artificial Intelligence)

Dr. Walaa Yehia Mostafa-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Mass Communication,Modern University for Technology and Information (MTI)

The study aimed to identify the role of augmented reality advertising in building the Brand Equity determinants according to the Aaker 1991 model, which are "Brand Awareness - Brand Loyalty - Perceived Quality –Brand Associations” in addition to identifying the types of augmented reality advertisements to which it is exposed. The Egyptian youth is a sample of the study, and an attempt to reveal the most influential of those advertisements in building the determinants of Brand Equity to the consumer and to reveal the most areas and means that use this technology in displaying advertisements and which of those areas are the Egyptian youth interested in the study sample by exposure and follow-up and An attempt to identify the advantages of augmented reality advertisements from the point of view of the university youth of the study sample.
The study concluded that among the most important advantages of augmented reality advertisements is the presentation of products in their real form and assistance in making the purchasing decision, in addition to the existence of a statistically significant relationship between the determinants of brand Equity and Augmented reality ads.

Key Words:
Augmented Reality Advertising, Artificial Intelligence, Brand Equity.

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