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| Vol.9
The Elite’s Attitudes towards Infographics Treatment of Social Issues in Arab Websites : An applied Study , Vol.9 , Thirty-Sixth Issue

Associate Prof. Dr. Nadia Mohamed Abdelhafz-Associate Professor of Press,Educational Media Department,Faculty of Specific Education,Zigzag university

The study aims to identify the elite attitudes towards the infographics treatment of issues and topics in the Egyptian and Arab websites. This study belongs to descriptive studies, which relied on the survey method and the comparison method to monitor the similarities and differences between infographics that treatment social issues, and two tools were used in the analysis, the content analysis tool and the shape analysis tool. The study reached several results, among the most important of them are a superiority in quantitative content of the infographics on Akbar Yom with (317) infographics, health topics topped the list of topics, followed by economic topics and sports topics. The goals of the infographics used in Arab electronic websites were preventive informing then awareness and briefing, then advocating and supporting decisions. The results of the filed study showed a high percentage of elite follow-up to websites.

Key Words:
Infographics – Social Issues – Websites - Elite.

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