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The Twenty Second Issue - January / March 2019 Seventh Year

The 18th issue - March 2017

The 17th issue of December 2017

Fifteenth Issue of the Journal now Available

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In your Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East..

This scientific enrichment which we founded for all academics, researchers and those who are interested in the science of Public Relations and communication sciences and media in our Middle East and various countries around the world .. Where we have the future vision and the strong will to contribute to leave a strong scientific print on the map of the regional and the global scientific research..

We are always proud of our uniqueness in establishing the first Public Relations academic refereed journal in in the Arab world and the Middle East .. and always where science and art and experience are available, be sure that you will always find the Egyptian public Relations Association in the lead .. Public Relations for all .. Welcome for all,,

 Founder & Chairman  

( Hatem Mohamed Atef (Ph.D

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