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| Vol.10
The Role of Social Networking Sites in Shaping Awareness of Social Issues among University Youth: Twitter as a Model , Vol.10 , Thirty-Eighth Issue

Dr. Rasha Abd -Raheem Mazroa-Associate Professor of Radio and Television,Mass Communication Department,College of Social Sciences,Umm Al-Qura University
Latifah Ali Aoon AlShareef-MA Public Relations,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Social Sciences,Umm Al-Qura University

The main objectives of this study are:
• To know the average degree of exposure to social media among Saudi youth.
• Identifying the most important social issues raised through Twitter from the point of view of the study sample.
• Identifying the degree of awareness of the sample of the societal issues raised through social networking sites

-The research methodology is: the study belongs to the descriptive research, and it used the descriptive method, using the sample survey method, for Saudi youth.
-The sample of the study: The study is based on a simple random sample of Saudi university youth by (200) males and females.
- Main results:
1- The percentage of those who use social networking sites (Snapchat - Twitter - Instagram - Facebook - others) came in Snapchat, with a rate of 85.43%, followed by Instagram by 71.27%, then Twitter with a rate of 69.95%, followed by Facebook at a rate of 38.58%, and there are sites others account for 59.32% of the total sample items.
2- Cases of violence and bullying came as the most aware issues with a degree of awareness of 85.96%, followed by issues of education problems with a degree of awareness of 83.6%, then issues of women's rights with a degree of awareness of 83.46%. Domestic workers problems with a degree of awareness of 72.18% come in second place, and issues of smoking and addiction come in last place with a degree of awareness of 69.42 %.

Key Words:
Social Networking Sites - Awareness Formation - Social Issues -University Youth - Twitter.

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