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| Vol.10
Using Social Networks as a Tool in Implementing Sustainable Development Plans: A Field Study on a Sample of Public and Private University Students , Vol.10 , Thirty-Eighth Issue

Dr. Rasha Samir Mohamed Haron-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,International Media Institute,Elshorouq Academy

The It has become certain that many university youth rely on social networks to obtain information and data on many issues and topics of interest, as social networks are considered a store of knowledge from which young people draw their various knowledge.
The issues of sustainable development are among the urgent issues at the present time, hence the importance of the study in identifying the use of social networks as a tool in implementing sustainable development plans. The study aimed to identify the use of social networks as a tool in implementing sustainable development plans, and the study relied on the survey method in answering the questions of the study. The field study was conducted on a random sample of 400 individuals from the study population consisting of students from public universities (Cairo University - Helwan University) and private (The British University - Al-Shorouk Academy).

Key Words:
Sustainable Development- Social Networks- University Students.

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