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| Vol.10
Digital Government Communication Strategies in the Kingdom of Bahrain during Risks: Covid -19 as a Model , Vol.10 , Thirty-Eighth Issue

Dr. Merhan Mohsen Mohamed Elsayed Tantawy ***-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Mass Communication & Public Relations Department,Faculty of Managerial and Financial Sciences,Gulf University

Digital government communication plays a pivotal role in building the image of the governmental organization, and then achieving effective communication with the community, through the employment of many and diverse digital communication channels, in terms of content creation, communication, evaluation and management of the communication process within the framework of a digital organization for government services, which will work to provide all information and services available to the public smoothly, clearly and transparently, and there is no doubt that the role of government communication grows in times of risks and crises, as it is one of the most important challenges that may face government institutions.
The Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Bahrain succeeded; through digital government communication, in interacting with the public through healthy communication strategies through its official page on the internet, in addition to launching the “Conscious Society” application and through its official accounts through various social media platforms such as “Instagram”, “Twitter”, “Facebook” ", being the most prominent platforms for public interaction in times of risks and crises.
The study aimed to identify the most prominent digital government communication strategies that the government of the Kingdom of Bahrain, represented by the Ministry of Health, worked to implement in the period after the Covid 19 crisis, the stage that followed the appearance of the first case of the Corona virus in February 2020, nearly two years, where the state was able to control the situation was greatly increased and tracked the work according to the traffic light, in order to maintain health security for citizens and residents.
The study relied on a qualitative analysis of the official page of the Ministry of Health via Instagram, as it is the highest-followed social media platform in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and it is the highest-followed platform at the level of the Ministry of Health's social media platforms.
The results of the study indicated that the government communication in the Kingdom of Bahrain is represented by the Ministry of Health; It succeeded greatly in employing different and varied forms and templates in the post-risk phase of Covid 19, by continuing to activate the website and updating it continuously according to the developments of the health situation, and linking it to an official website for health developments in the Kingdom of Bahrain and officially affiliated with the Ministry of Health, in addition to the continuity of work By applying the “conscious society”, which was launched specifically to address the developments of the crisis, the results also revealed the diversity of strategies used in the post-crisis period, including the “ambiguity reduction strategy” in presenting the facts presented about the virus, and its developments, the “clarifying government actions” strategy, and raising public awareness on all health measures that guarantee their safety and health security, “a strategy for promoting effective behaviors”, “a strategy of showing empathy”, “reassurance strategy” and “risk warning strategy”.

Key Words:
Digital Government Communication, Communication Strategies, Instagram, Corona Pandemic.

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