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| Vol.10
The Role of Information Warfare on Social Media in Shaping the Adolescents' National Identity , Vol.10 , Thirty-Eighth Issue

Dr. Samah Bassiouni Mohamed Kataket-Assistant Professor of Press, Radio & Television,Educational Media Department,Faculty of Specific Education,Tanta University

The study aimed to identify the extent to which adolescents are exposed to information warfare on social media and their role in shaping adolescents' national identity. The study used the survey method, and within the framework of the survey method, a questionnaire was filled out with an interview for a sample of (500) adolescents, and the study concluded that social networking sites are the most important means through which the respondents knew the information war, and Facebook came in the first place as the most important platform that the respondents use it to obtain information through social networking sites. The study also found that the most important mechanisms used in the information war on social networking sites are the dissemination of rumors and false news, and the study emphasized the need to form electronic battalions against hostile forces and their information wars on social networking sites.

Key Words:
Information Warfare - Social Networking Sites - National Identity -Teenagers.

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