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| Vol.10
Use of Public Relations for Social Media in Managing the Reputation of Telecommunications Companies in Saudi Arabia STC, Mobily, and Zain Companies as a Model , Vol.10 , Thirty-Eighth Issue

Prof. Dr. Osama Ghazi Zain Al Madani-Professor of of Mass Communication,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Social Sciences,Umm Al-Qura University
Yahyah Muhammad Ali Mubaraki-Mass Communication lecture,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Arts and Humanities,Jizan University

The second half of the 20th century witnessed a remarkable evolution in the communication technology field. The internet evolution led to the appearance of the social media sites, that became important and they played an efficient role, and their services are increasingly spreading widely between both individuals and organizations. The public relations job is one of the managerial jobs that was affected by social media. This study aimed at highlighting the social media big part in the public relations field in telecom companies of communication in Saudi Arabia; which used them in order to deliver their policies, programs and services to the public in an easy way and with the least cost so they win the public’s trust and cooperation.
In order to identify the role of public relation in employing social communication means actively and positively, this research would discuss a major question: What is the role of public relations in employing the social media in an active and positive way to elevate the reputation of the company and the interaction with the audience and to gain the public opinion so as to ensure its permanence and continuity? The researcher will depend on the survey method to achieve the goals of the research through (a questionnaire) distributed to practitioners of public relation in order to develop the best scenarios for managing the reputation of the company in the future. So that, it will produce a sample (model) that can be used or employed by the company through its social media to manage the company reputation in an active and positive way.
The researcher found the following results:
1. The company public relations department employs social media to a large extent in managing its reputation.
2. Social media helps the public relations department to highlight the company role in community service and its social responsibilities.
3. Social media enables the public relations department to avoid potential crises by monitoring the interaction of public reactions.
4. The Twitter app is the most used public relations tool to manage a company reputation.
5. Social media improve the level of service to the public, who creates a good reputation for the company and its services.

Key Words:
Public Relations - Social Media - Reputation Management - Saudi Telecom Companies.

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