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| Vol.10
The Effectiveness of Palestinian Governmental Websites According to the Theory of Dialogue Communication: A Comparative Study between the Political and National Guidance Commission, the Police, and the Ministry of Interior , Vol.10 , Thirty-ninth Issue

Dr. Moeen F.M. Koa-Assistant Professor of P R ,Department of Public Relations and Communication,College of Higher Studies,An-Najah National University
Falastin Dweikat (MA)-MA Public Relations,Department of Public Relations and Communication,,Najah University

According to the theory of dialogue communication, the study aimed to identify the effectiveness of the Political and National Guidance Commission, the Palestinian Police, and the Ministry of Interior websites between January 1, 2021 - June 1, 2021.
The study came out with several results, most notably: the weakness of the three sites included in the study and their general ineffectiveness in communicating with the public, according to the dialogue communication theory on which the study relied. The websites did not apply the principle of ease of use. The level of its preservation of its visitors is average, and they did not encourage re-visiting their websites, and they did not provide interactive dialogue sessions.
The researchers recommended several recommendations, most notably: The three institutions (the Ministry of the Interior, the Palestinian Police, and the Political and National Guidance Commission) should work to provide helpful information to the public by publishing press releases, audio, and video clips, as the results of the study showed an evident weakness at this principle. There is a need for the three institutions to develop their websites to provide ease of use through building a search engine and multiple language options.

Key Words:
Dialogue Communication Theory, Content analysis, Palestinian
Police, Interior Ministry, the Political and National Guidance
Commission, Website.

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