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| Vol.10
Practitioners' Evaluations of the P.R. Learning Outcomes According to the Labour Market Needs , Vol.10 , Thirty-ninth Issue

Dr. Enas Elsaied Ibrahim Elsayed-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,,Aljazeera Institute for Media and Mass Communication

The research aims at monitoring and analyzing the evaluation of practitioners in the field of public relations for the education outputs of mass communication higher education institutions and their suitability with the needs of the labour market. This study belongs to the descriptive studies of an evaluative nature, and it follows the qualitative approach.
The study applied on PR professionals who work in private companies, government agencies or public relations agencies, following the available sampling procedures. (30) PR practitioners have been interviewed to collect the necessary data to answer the study`s questions.
The most important results:
• The recentness of the field of public relations in Egypt and its entry into various field (political, sports, social, educational, and health), in addition to the representation of all levels of public relations companies, there are international companies that deal with high professionalism, medium companies, and local companies that are limited to publish press releases to build a relationship between the company and the media.
• The absence of regulatory bodies that manage and regulate the work of public relations companies by setting rules or principles that govern it, making it chaotic, random and unprofessional.
• Missing graduates of media faculties, departments and media institutes lack personal skills and professional abilities that qualify them to work in the public relations labour market, which has resulted in the entry of graduates of specializations far from the field of media to work in it.
• Despite the great development in technology, most of the companies that have been affected by private companies and public relations companies, especially with the corona pandemic crisis, where some direct activities provided through various modern applications.
• Although the study revealed that the public relations labour market accommodates the number of graduates of this specialty, There is an absence of the graduate`s personal skills and practical abilities, which are the most important requirements for work in the field of public relations.
• On the other side, there are differences between graduates of international, private and governmental education in the "nature of education, teaching method and the scientific material provided" and professional experiences.
• The suggestions of most professionals focused on paying attention to languages (Arabic and English), which are a major requirement for the labour market, in addition to practical training throughout the university years and simulating practical life on the ground, in addition to the need to develop curricula to keep pace with the successive changes.

Key Words:
Public Relations Education, Public Relations Practitioners, Labor Market.

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