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Coverage Frameworks for Satellite News Channels for the Transfer of Royal Mummies and the Opening of the Kebash Route: A Comparative Study Between Websites of Egyptian, Arabic, and Foreign Arabic-Speaking Channels , Vol.10 , Thirty-ninth Issue

Dr. Neveen Mohamed Oraby Hammad-Assistant Professor of Radio & Television,Radio & Television Department,College of Islamic and Arabic Studies for Girls in Cairo,Al-Azhar University

The objective of the study is to identify and compare the news frameworks used by websites of Egyptian, Arabic, and foreign Arabic-speaking satellite news channels in the media outflow of the golden voyage of royal mummies and the opening of the Kebash route, using the method of surveying the most descriptive and analytic methods (Nile News website, Extra News) As sample of the Egyptian satellite news channels websites, the website of (Arabia, Sky News) for websites of the Arabic satellite news channels, and for websites of the foreign Arabic-speaking satellite news channels (BBC, Al houra).
The study compares three different ideologies of the satellite news channels. All videos have been comprehensively counted from 1/4/2021 to 7/4/2021, that is before, during and after the transfer of the royal mummies, as well as in the period 22/11/2021 to 28/11/2021, before, during, and after the Kebash route, the comments on the videos were analyzed.
The study found that there was a negative attitude towards centrality idea on websites of Arabic and foreign Arabic-speaking satellite news channels: (9,1%) on Al Arabiya, (10%) on Sky News, and (60%) 0n BBC. Citizen's opposition comments came either irony, rational tweets without irony, or wonder question.

Key Words:
News Satellite Channels, Transfer of Royal Mummies and the Opening of the Kebash Route, News Coverage.

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