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| Vol.10
Frameworks of Press Websites Treatment for Issues of Intellectual Security: An analytical Study , Vol.10 , Fortieth Issue

Associate Prof. Dr. Nadia Mohamed Abdelhafz-Associate Professor of Press,Educational Media Department,Faculty of Specific Education,Zigzag university

The study sought to identify the frameworks of press websites treatment for issues of intellectual security, and this study is one of the descriptive studies that used the analytical survey method. The study relied on the content analysis tool to analyze the content of a number of news that were published through sites media. The study sample reached 1667 journal articles, and the study reached a number of results, as following: The analysis showed the interest of study sample in the way of presenting news and investigations related to dealing with issues of intellectual security
The issue of rumors topped the main intellectual security issues that these press sites dealt with as a sample of study. then the issue of intellectual extremism came in second place. Then poverty and unemployment ranked third, then the issue of electronic extremism ranked fifth. The news report topped first rank with 22.9% of the total journalistic arts, followed by the simple news in second rank.

Key Words:
Press Sites, Intellectual Security, News Frameworks Theory.

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