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| Vol.10
The Effectiveness of Integrated Social Responsibility Practices and their Role in Achieving Sustainability in the Banking Sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain: Case Study , Vol.10 , Fortieth Issue

Dr. Merhan Mohsen Mohamed Elsayed Tantawy ***-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Mass Communication & Public Relations Department,Faculty of Managerial and Financial Sciences,Gulf University

Sustainable development issues have become a strategic demand for all countries of the world, and their priority interests, and the countries of the world are moving towards focusing their efforts, initiatives, and actions on their differences and diversity towards sustainability, especially in light of the global trend where the member states of the United Nations have adopted the sustainable development goals. It was recognized in 2015 as a global call to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure life in peace and increase its profitability in 2030. Hence; the countries of the world have been increasing their socially responsible practices in the economic, social and environmental aspects. Apply them in an integrated manner and direct them towards community sustainability in accordance with an integrative framework.
Thus; the Kingdom of Bahrain has kept pace with this global trend, and since the adoption of the sustainable development goals, the Kingdom of Bahrain has taken it upon itself to follow these goals, and integrate them in all areas of work and life in the Kingdom, and there is no doubt that the banking sector is one of the sectors interested in applying the principle of banking sustainability in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
This study aims to identify the practices of integrated social responsibility and its role in achieving banking sustainability in the Kingdom of Bahrain, the study relied on the method of studying the case and the qualitative input in the analysis, where the practices of sustainable social responsibility were monitored for the National Bank of Bahrain (NBB), in the Kingdom of Bahrain in an effort to reach a number of lessons learned that can be applied to other banking sectors in the Kingdom, especially since the National Bank of Bahrain received the award of the leading bank in promoting transparency of sustainability in 2021, the study reached a number of results and important recommendations that can be used by various organizations and institutions to implement sustainable integrated social responsibility practices.

Key Words:
Integrated Social Responsibility, Sustainable Development, Banking Sector.

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