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| Vol.10
News Agencies Journalists' Attitudes towards the Reality and Prospective of Employing Artificial Intelligence Techniques: A case Study of MENA in the Context of Interactive Technology Acceptance Model , Vol.10 , Fortieth Issue

Dr. Ahmed H, El-Saman -Assistant Professor of Media,Press & Publishing Department,Mass Communication Faculty,Misr University for Science and Technology (MUST)

The study sought to reveal the perceptions and attitudes of journalists, technicians, and leaders of the Middle East News Agency (MENA), toward the reality and prospective of employing Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, the survey used two tools for collecting data; the first is questionnaire, a quantitative tool used with 18 journalists and technicians, and a qualitative tool, which is the semi-structure interview with 5 of MENA leaders.
In building its assumptions, questions, and interpretation of its results the study used the Interactive Technology Acceptance Model (ITAM).The study found no statistically significant relationship between usefulness perceived and easiness perceived in one hand, and the usage of AI techniques by MENA. The study supported the hypothesis of ITAM about the importance of the role of organization in facilitating the adoption of new technologies, by providing an encouraging environment. The study reasserted the important hypothesis of the ITAM, especially the importance of the institutional role in accepting new technology.
ITAM enabled us to anticipate a positive future for the employment of AI techniques at MENA and the absence of obstacles in front of it if the agency overcomes economic and institutional challenges. The study did not identify any concerns for editors about their future career. The only fear that journalists supported was about ethical issues such as property rights and privacy violations because of the application of AI.

Key Words:
Egypt, Artificial Intelligence, Middle East News Agency; Mena, News Agencies, Interactive Technology Acceptance Model.

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