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| Vol.10
Employing Digital Content Marketing Methods in Bahraini Private Universities via Instagram , Vol.10 , Fortieth Issue

Dr. Mohammed Mostafa Rfaat Moharam* -Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Mass Communication,Cairo University

The study aimed to identify the methods of marketing digital content used through the official accounts of Bahraini private universities (University of Applied Sciences - Ahlia University - Gulf University) through a qualitative analysis of digital content published during the spring semester 2021/2022, and a purposive sample of 616 was withdrawn, with 316 posts on the account of the University of Applied Sciences, 114 posts on the account of Ahlia University, and 186 posts on the account of the Gulf University. The general results of the study concluded that there is a difference between the posts on digital content marketing among the three universities, where we find that each university has been distinguished in several specific marketing dimensions that differ from the others. The number of posts related to content marketing for scientific research within the university, such as discussing theses to obtain a master’s degree in various disciplines, as well as marketing content for competitions implemented by the university throughout the spring semester (analysis period). Education by publishing its progress on the university ranking indicators (the Times index and the SCImago index) as well as its progress in the indicators of the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. As for the Gulf region, it was distinguished in marketing content for developing the capabilities and skills of faculty members by providing them with specialized scientific courses and certificates to raise their scientific competence and teaching, as well as marketing content for the quality of the teaching and learning process within the university by highlighting the scientific lectures in different disciplines and the interaction of students within the lectures. On the other hand, the three universities participated in relying on content marketing for special events organized by universities in the spring semester, as well as marketing content for community service and voluntary and charitable works for universities. As for the templates used in content marketing, we find a noticeable use of a text-post template with a picture or photo album of characters. The three universities also repeated publishing certain tags to facilitate the user in searching for content and to raise the results of the account’s appearance through search engines (SEO). A set of templates were absent in digital content marketing at the three universities, such as infographics, videographics, graphs, explanatory tables, and books.

Key Words:
Digital Content Marketing - Bahraini Private Universities - Instagram - Digital Marketing.

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