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| Vol.10
Advertisements Designing in the Electronic Stores Platforms on the Internet: A comparative Analytical Study on a Sample of Arab and International Commercial Companies , Vol.10 , Fortieth Issue

Associate Prof. Dr. Ali Hammouda Juma Suleiman *-Associate Professor & Head of Press and Publication ,Press and Publication Dep.,Faculty of Mass Communication,Al-Azhar University
Dr. Doaa Mohamed Fawzy-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Arts,Minia University

With increasing of public interest in e-shopping sites (electronic stores), and the increase in the number of e-shopping stores, these platforms began to rely on advertisements to market their products, so there was a need to alert marketers of the importance of good advertisement design and the use of innovative advertising strategies on e-shopping sites. Hence; there was an urgent need to study and analyze the advertisements of online e-shopping stores from a design point of view, and to reveal the aspects of the technology used in their construction, and how to use the design elements in the study sample platforms such as (titles, images and colours), the design foundations available, and the design methods used in the e-shopping stores under study. This study is a continuation of previous studies in the field of electronic advertising design, especially e-shopping advertisements. "texts only", then ranked the third is “written advertisements accompanied by sound only". The study recommends paying attention to update the design of commercial advertisements and its impact on sales rates by creating a mental image of them.

Key Words:
Design, Advertising, Online Store Platforms, Commercial Companies.

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