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| Vol.10
The Role of Digital Public Relations on Twitter in Convincing Citizens to Subscribe to the Saudi Aramco IPO , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 1

Associate Prof. Dr. Alaa B Alshaikh*-Associate Prof. of Public Relations,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Mass Communication & Media Faculty,King Abdulaziz University
Bdour A Alghamdi-MA Public Relations,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Mass Communication & Media Faculty,King Abdulaziz University

The IPO of Saudi Aramco is among the plans of Saudi Arabia’s vision 2030, which plays a role in improving the Saudi economy to benefit the country and its citizens.
In order to convince citizens of this vision, it will be the responsibility of Saudi Aramco to activate its media voice at the time of the subscription, as it is not alone in advertising, promoting, and marketing the subscription and calculations of the vision of the Kingdom 2030. Other official bodies such as the Saudi Tadawul Company, Saudi banks, and the media sector (newspapers - channels - radios) are also in the race.
The researchers conducted a study aimed to address the role of digital public relations content, through the platform of Twitter as a means of persuasiveness for Saudi Aramco subscribers given the importance of the role of public relations across new media platforms.
This research is quantitative research and an online questionnaire was used to collect data on a sample of 400 Saudi Aramco subscribers.
One of the most important results from the study was that the Twitter platform is a strong platform for companies, and this helps digital public relations practitioners to choose it when communicating with the public. The content of public relations tweets, via the Twitter platform with regard to Aramco’s subscription, contributed positively to persuading the public to subscribe; even if it did not accommodate Saudi Aramco, it considers the importance of the Twitter platform and digital content.
A large percentage of subscribers are interested in content and prefer logical and emotional persuasion in tweets, with the need to activate the features of the Twitter platform such as the presence of images, videos, links, and hashtags with text content in order to increase the reader’s desire to continue reading the tweet and conviction.
Finally, more research is related to the role of digital public relations and its connection to the theory of the possibility of detail in persuasion, ELM (Elaboration Likelihood Model) is one of the modern theories in the field of communication.

Key Words:
Digital public relations, Persuasion, Twitter, Saudi Aramco's IPO, Saudi Aramco, Elaboration Likelihood Model Theory.

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