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| Vol.10
The Digital Populism of Italian Politician Matteo Salvini Virtual Ethnographic Study , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 1

Associate Prof. Dr. Labiba Abdel Naby Ibrahim* -Associate Prof. of Public Relations,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Arts,Helwan University


The study aims to explore the communication strategies in the populist discourse of the Italian leader Matteo Salvini' via his official Facebook page; in order to win the users’ attitudes towards some crises; as illegal immigrants, foreigners, unemployment and Muslims in Italy. On the other hand, the study results showed the varieties of the populist issues of the Italian leader by obtaining the users reactions, where the crisis of the irregular migrants came in as the most crisis that took over Salvini’s populist discourses on his page, and many users interacted with the crisis, it showed a negative trend towards immigrants and foreigners. The communication strategies of digital populism varied through his page, such as (people-centrism, anti-elite and anti-others).

Key Words:
Populism, Digital Populism, Political Communication, Social Networking Sites, Political Parties, Right-Wing Populist Parties, Populist Communication Strategies.

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