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| Vol.10
Determinants of Online Reviews Credibility and Its Relationship with Consumers' Purchase Intention: A Quasi-Experimental Study , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 1

Dr. Osama AbdElhameed Mohamed -Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Arts,Kafer El Sheikh University

This study sought to monitor the determinants of online review credibility and its relationship with consumers' purchase intention.
The study relied on elaboration likelihood model, and focused on argument quality and number of arguments as central cues, and arguments order and writing quality as peripheral cues. The researcher conducted a quasi-experimental study, and the purposive sample consisted of 200 participants.
The results showed statistically significant differences among participants in their perceptions of online reviews credibility based on argument quality, number of arguments, and arguments order. and we didn't find statistically significant differences as for writing quality.
There was also a positive, statistically significant correlation between online reviews credibility and consumers' purchase intention.

Key Words:
Online Reviews, Credibility Determinants, Purchase Intention, Elaboration Likelihood Model.

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