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| Vol.10
The Relationship between Smart Phone Applications and Quality of Life of the Elderly , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 1

Dr. Hebatalla Saleh Elsayed Saleh-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Arts,Helwan University

The study aims to identify the relationship between smart phone applications and quality of life of the elderly, by identifying how they spend their free time, the space occupied by the internet from those times, the extent of their exposure to different mobile applications, their level of familiarity with them, the ways of using them, and the benefit that can accrue to them from as a result of this use, as well as revealing the level of their quality of life in relation to smart phone applications, in the light of some other demographic variables, such as educational and economic level, gender and place of residence. The study concluded that there is a high level of quality of life for the respondents of the study sample, where the percentage of the total degree of the high level is 93%. It was also proven that there is no relationship between the number of hours of use of mobile applications and smart phones by the study sample members and their level of quality of life, except in the special dimension. The quality of mental health, as the increase in the number of hours of using smart phone applications negatively affected the quality of mental health of the sample items.

Key Words:
Smart Phone Applications, The Elderly, Quality of Life.

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