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| Vol.10
The “MuKbang” Phenomenon via Social Media Platforms and its Effects on Egypt's Food Consumption Culture: Netnographic analysis in light of the compensatory use model of the internet , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 1

Dr. Menna Allah Kamal Moussa Diab-Assistant Professor of Radio and Television,Radio & Television Department,Faculty of Mass Communication,Beni Suef University

In light of the of the ongoing developments of technological techniques, and the developed media phenomena, recently, clips of "Mukbang" or “food challenges” have spread, these are clips based on which large amounts of food are consumed via social media platforms, some people spend a long time watching those videos.
“MuKbang” has grown in popularity in Arab societies through social media platforms in recent years, especially after the coronavirus pandemic, changes in food consumption patterns and culture are among the most significant problems facing the Egyptian State in light of economic openness and technological development.
- The main objective of the study is “to recognize the effects of “Mukbang” through social media platforms on the culture of food consumption in Egyptian society”.
The seriousness of this phenomenon is reflected in the influence on the criteria and patterns of an individual's consumption of food, which is easily influenced by other people's consumption cultures.

- The current study is one of the qualitative descriptive studies that used the "Ethnography or internet ethnography" curriculum, due to the prevalence of this phenomenon through social media platforms, given the prevalence of this phenomenon through the social media platforms, the netnographic method is the method of optimal analysis of this study, in the light of theoretical assumptions of the compensatory internet application model on the platforms: YouTube and Facebook.
- The results of the study indicated the negative effects of Mukbang on Egypt's food consumption rates and patterns.
Mukbang clips depend on consuming huge amounts of food as quickly as possible, in addition to spreading duplication in cultural heritage, promoting false visual diets.

Key Words:
Mukbang, Food Challenges, netnographic, Food Consumption Culture, Internet Compensatory Use Model.

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