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| Vol.10
The Impact of Websites and Social Networks in Achieving the Dimensions of Digital Marketing in Egyptian Institutions: An analytical study on a sample of productive organizations , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 1

Dr. Ramadan Ibrahim Mohamed Khalil-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Mass Communication,Al-Azhar University

The study aimed to identify the effect of using websites and social networks in achieving the development of marketing methods in Egyptian institutions and achieving the dimensions of digital marketing in them. This study is one of the descriptive studies that relied on the survey method. Helwan Company for Metallic Appliances (Factory 360) as a representative of public sector companies, and the foodstuff sector represented by two Egypt Foods companies as representatives of private companies and Silo Foods as a representative of public sector companies, while the ceramic and marble sector represented by Ceramica Art as a representative of private institutions and the National. Marble Company and granite as a representative of public companies.
The study sample of service organizations amounted to 321 publications and advertisements on Facebook pages, and the study confirmed the effectiveness of websites and social networks in developing digital marketing methods for Egyptian institutions.


Key Words:
Digital Marketing, Websites, Social Networks

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