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| Vol.10
Evaluating Effectiveness of Website as a Public Relations Communication Tool Evidence from Saudi Arabia Ministries Websites , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 2

Dr. Essa Saleh Alkathiri-Assistant Professor of Public Relations & Advertising,Public Relations & Advertising Department,Faculty of Media & Mass Communication,King Abdulaziz University

With the advent of digital technologies, Practices for developing organizational identities have diversified, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been keen on adopting the concept of government digital transformation by moving towards the concept of digital government and expanding in the development of five-years plans and strategies to ensure the achievement of its goals with quality and efficiency, as it aims to reach an integrated digital government that facilitates all services for the beneficiaries.
In this context, many government ministries have begun to use the website to achieve their strategic goals, and therefore this study aims to investigate analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of website elements of a sample of ministries in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a communication tool. More specifically, the current study seeks to evaluate the effectiveness of the website as a reliable communication tool in building strategic relationships and achieving digital transformation goals in line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, based on a scientific model that identifies five basic elements to measure the effectiveness of the organization’s website, the sample included (10) of Saudi Arabia ministries websites, and the researcher chose these ministries after conducting an exploratory study on the website of many ministries, then choosing these ministries for their service nature and dealing with many sectors of the public.
The study came out with several results, most notably the effectiveness of most of the elements expressing the content provided through the website of the ministries at the level of all elements expressing the quality of the content.
The study also found that most of the websites of the ministries adhere to the elements of the specific model for the effectiveness of the website for government agencies, as well as the absence of a large difference between most of the websites in all the elements covered by the model.

Key Words:
Public Relations, Website, Saudi ministries, content analysis, Saudi Arabia 2030 vision.

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