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| Vol.10
Horror Films and their Impact on the Aggressive Behavior of Children from 9-12 years old: A field study , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 2

Associate Prof. Dr. Soad Mohamed Mohamed Elmasry-Associate Professor of Media ,Educational Media Department,Faculty of Specific Education,Kafer El Sheikh University

The media, especially the visual ones, may have a significant impact on the spread of deviant behaviors in society by directly influencing the behavior of individuals with their interest in publishing crime news and showing films and series in an interesting way, especially with regard to crimes and deviations. There is a relationship between horror films and the aggressive behavior of the child by imitating what he sees on the small screen, as the child is tempted to do an aggressive act or assume the role of an evil character in adventure and horror films, and to generate ideas or feelings for him that may lead him to violence in the future, which may make him something familiar. He has in real life.
The study aimed to identify horror films and their effect on the aggressive behavior of children from 9-12. The research was divided into: previous studies, the cognitive framework of the study, the theoretical framework of the study. Then the (applied) field framework, which includes: The research sample and method: The researcher followed the survey method, by surveying a sample of a number of children through a deliberate sample of 400 individuals who watch horror movies, aged 9-12 years, residing in the governorates of Giza and Kafr El-Sheikh. Research tools: The researcher relied on the questionnaire as a tool for collecting data and information. Then the results of the questionnaire were analyzed and discussed. Some of the most important results were reached:
1-There are statistically significant differences between the responses of the sample members in the number of horror movies they watch, where the value of Ca2 = 124.425, which is a function at the significance level of 0.001, which means a high percentage of the sample members who watch three or fewer horror movies per month.
2- There is a medium inverse correlation between the discussion of horror movie scenes with others and aggressive behavior in children, where the value of (0.3 < t < 0.7) is a function at the significance level of 0.01, meaning that the more horror movie scenes are discussed with others, the aggressive behavior of children decreases.

Key Words:
Horror movies, Aggressive behavior, Children.

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