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| Vol.10
The Role of Digital Public Relations in Strengthening Saudi Soft Power through the New Communication and Information Center of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Vol.10 , Forty Second Issue - Part 2

Fisal Helal Alhuzali-Researcher in Media Studies,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Social Sciences,Umm Al-Qura University
Saleh Abdulhafiz Bin Abdurhman Saeed-Researcher in Media Studies,Mass Communication Department,Faculty of Social Sciences,Umm Al-Qura University

With the world's information and communication revolution, technological and digital advances represented by the Internet and various social media that have made an important shift in communication and communication between different peoples and cultures, government agencies have made a contribution to social media to communicate with their audiences and to publicize their various objectives, missions and communication activities, whether local, regional or international, and the role of digital public relations no longer limited to be based on improving the image, introducing the organization's mission and objectives at the local or regional level, but its role has even emerged in the international field through the role of the internet and various social media to promote soft power and the national image of the international community, and because of the political, economic, cultural and tourism power of Saudi Arabia, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Saudi Arabia has established a new communication and media center that monitoring, analyzing and making digital content on social media in more than twenty-two languages.
This study seeks to find out the most common digital means to highlight Saudi Arabia's efforts to strengthen its soft power through the new Communication and Information Center at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the study relied on the descriptive approach, using questionnaire as a tool for collecting data and information from Saudi society, and the study reached a range of results, the most prominent of which are:
• The least used digital tool to highlight Saudi Arabia's efforts and strengthen its soft power at the State Department's new call and media center is the Facebook platform.
Highlights of the study include:
• Researchers recommend the new Call and Media Center intensify digital communication activities to enhance soft power through Facebook.

Key Words:
Public Relations, Digital Media, Soft Power, New Media, Political Media, Foreign Policy, Digital Public Relations.

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