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Date أبريل / يونيو 2017 - April / June 2017
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Abstracts of Arabic Researches:

  • Prof. Dr. Mahmmed Ali Ghareeb - Umm Al Qura University

Associated Prof. Dr. Wagdy Helmy Eid Abdelzaher - Umm Al Qura University

The psychological and social effects resulted from Saudi and Egyptian university students’ susceptibility to the Snap chat as one of the social networking channels      7                                             

  • Dr. Suhad Adil Jassim – Al-Mustansariya  University

           Dr. Mohammed Jabbar Zghair Algrizy - Al-Amal University college (Iraq)    

Public Relations sections’ activity in the Iraqi governmental institutions                        9                                                              

  • Dr. Mohammed Fouad Zeid – Menofia University

A proposed media strategy for Egyptian government universities in light of the current performance of public relations and media - Monofiya University as a model              10             

  • Dr. Nasr al-Din Abdul Qader Osman- Ajman University

Employing the new media in spreading awareness of sustainable developments issues - Environmental awareness model – Field Study                                                      11         

  • Dr. Hatem Mohamed Atef – Egyptian Public Relations Association

The opinion of the Elite about: "The dialectic of rumors first or crises?" Egypt as a model                                                                                                                       13                                                                        

  • Dr. Laila Himi – University of Abdelmalek Saadi - Morocco

The violation of morals and privacy through the internet in the Moroccan legislation                                                                                                                                    15

  • Mai Mahmoud Abd-Elatif – Modern University for Technology & Information  (MTI)

Scientific trends of the organizations–stakeholders’ relationship management

 Researches                                                                                                         17

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