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Issue Applications: Seventeenth Issue
Date أكتوبر - ديسمبر 2017 / October - December 2017
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association - Fifth year - Seventeenth Issue - October / December 2017

Arab Impact Factor 2017 = 1.34


        Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

  • Prof.Dr. Said loucif - University of Algiers 3
  • Naim Belamouri - University of Khemis Meliana – Algeria

Determinants of Opinion Public Expression: Testing the Spiral of Silence Theory in The Algerian Context                                                                                                7

  • Associate Prof. Mona Mahmoud Abd Elgalil - Al Azhar university

Advertising in the digital age and its relationship to the formation of social values among Arab women (Qualitative study)                                      8                                                                   

  • Dr. Salman  Faihan Faisal Bin Lebdh - King khalid Military Academy

Saudi public attitudes towards the performance of Public Relations Departments in the Saudi authorities: a case study on the ministry of labor                               11

  • Dr. Marzouk Abdelhakam AL-adly  Salem - Sohag University

Persuasive attractions in commercial ads and public attitudes: (A field analytical study) 12                                 

  • Dr. Mathany Hassan Abbasher - University of Modern Sciences (UAE)

The Ethics of Public Relations: (Field Study on a samlple of Public Relations Staff in UAE)                                                                        14                                

  • Dr. Shimaa Abdelaty Saed - South Valley University

Communication Strategies for Public Relations and their Role in Promoting Organizational Culture of Institutions through Social Media: Applied study on Egypt Airlines and Emirates Airlines                                  15                                                                

  • Reem Fatem al-Mutairi - King Saud University

     Saudi youth seeking information through the electronic websites of universities and its implications on the formation of their image about the organization itself - A field study                                                                     17


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