Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East
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Issue Applications: Twenty Second Issue
Date يناير/ مارس 2019 - January / March 2019
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Supervision by Egyptian Public Relations Association - Seventh year - Twenty Two Issue - January / March 2019

Arab Impact Factor 2018 = 1.48


     Abstracts of Arabic Researches:

  • Associated Prof. Dr Ridha METHNANI - University of  Bahrain

 Samah Allam Abdulla AL-Qaed  -  University of  Bahrain          

Readers' Letters to the Editors in Gulf Press - The Bahraini Newspaper “Akhbar AL-Khaleej” as Example                                                     7 

  • Associated Prof. Dr. Akhmed Khamis Kaleel - American University in the Emirates

Dr. Waleed Lateef Abdullah - University of Baghdad

Uses the Augmented Reality by the Iraqi university students on their smart phones and the Gratifications achieved for them                      8

  • Associated Prof. Dr. Eman Fathy Abdel Mohssen Hussein - Umm Al-Qura University

Duha Essam Hassan Rawas - Umm Al-Qura University

Media processing of the official pages of the National Center for Measurement through social networking sites                                          9

  • Dr. Durebe Abdullah I. Aldurebe - Ministry of Education (KSA)

Usage of public relations in Saudi universities for Social communication sites and its relation to the quality of the educational process    10

  • Dr.Tarek Mohammed Elseedy - Jazan University

  Employment of E-learning programs and distance learning programs in teaching courses of media in the electronic environment of    education -  An applied study on Jazan University's E-learning program                                                                                                  11 

  • Dr. Hassan Farrag Hassan Farrag - International Academy of Engineering and Media Sciences

The role of media events in the World Youth Forum in developing political awareness of current events and issues among university students                                                                                                                                                                                                        13

  • Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Khalifa Ahmed - Minia University

New Media Tools between Political Leading and Misleading. (Field study)Applied on Egyptian university students                                  14

  • Emad Almudaifar - Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud University

Beyond the "Two-way Symmetric Model" in public relations:  A Theoretical Review                                                                                   15


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