Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East
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Issue Applications: Tenth Issue
Date يناير/ مارس 2016 - January / March 2016
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association – Tenth Issue – January / March 2016


        Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

  • Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ali Gharib - Umm- Al Qura University

Vision for the future for the development of research and literature and methods of teaching media and development                                                       7

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Mona Ahmed Mustafa Omran - University of Modern Science in Dubai
  • Dr. Ahmed El-Refaey - University of Modern Science in Dubai

         The role of social networking sites on the Acquistion of young Egyptian

          university The values of citizenship                                                       10   

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Hana Sayed Mohammad Ali - Menofia University

     TV shows ad lengthy inter-films, serials and their impact on the mood of the

     public"Afield study"                                                                                    11

  • Dr. Merhan Mohsen Tantawy - Ajman University of Science & Technology

    The Role of  Social media in enhancing corporate social responsibility

     communications A Case study on Etihad airways                                        13

  • Dr. Mohamed Hosni Hussein Mahrous –  Al-Azhar University

Factors affecting corporate social responsibility programs operating in Egypt,

A field study                                                                                                 14

  • Dr. Abdulkarim Ajmi Ziani– Bahrain University

The Arabic Press and the Palestinian refugee issue, A survey of the content of newspapers; "Al Quds Al Arabi, Al-Ahram Egyptian, Bahraini Al Ayam."        17

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