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Issue Applications: Thirteenth Issue
Date أكتوبر - ديسمبر 2016 / October - December 2016
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association – Thirteenth Issue – October / December 2016

Researches in French:

  •  Professeur DR. Redouane Boudjema - Université d’Alger3

             Bouzegaou Nour El Houda - Université d’Alger3
              Le service public de la télévision:
              Les origines du concept, et les défis de la responsabilité publique                             7


Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

  • Dr. Mohammed Hassan AlAmeri - Baghdad University

Ali Sadeq Dawood AL-Saedi - Baghdad University

Effectiveness of direct communication and its influence on decision of Iraqi voters  (a survey study) of Iraqi Parliament Elections in 2014                                                   28                                                                                

  • Dr. Ahmed Salim Essawi - Umm Al Qura University

The effect of media materials issued by the Presidency of the Two Holy Mosques affairs and its impact on the awareness of visitors from Arab Countries - Field Study           30             

  • Dr. Thoraya Mohammed Sanusi - Al Ghurair University in Dubai

When the Media becomes a partner in Terrorism Crises industry: A Trial of Semiotic Reading                                                                                                               32

  • Dr. Ghada Mostafa Elbatrik - Zagazig University

Arab youth exposed to extremist websites intellectually and relationship to recognize propaganda for terrorist organizations: a field study in the framework of the third person effect theory                                                                                                        33                                                         

  • Dr. Lobna Masoud Abd El-Azem Salem - Sinai University

Social Networking Sites and their role in supporting the purchasing behavior of the Egyptian audience - A Field Study                                                                       35                                                                          

  • Dr. Ayman Mohamed Ibrahim Borik - Al Azhar university

The Role of Social Media Websites in raising the awareness among Egyptian Youth  of Sustainable Development Issues - A Field Study                                                   37

  • Awatif Hassan Haidar Alyafei - Sanaa University

Commercial advertising applications related to the support of the social issues in Egypt - Analytical Study                                                                                                     38


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