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Date أبريل / يونيو 2014 - April/June 2014
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Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association - Third issue – Abril / June 2014




  •  Prof. Dr. Enshirah el SHAL – Cairo University               

       Programmes télévisés en direct reçus en Egypte                                        7                                                                                                                                     

  • Prof. Dr. Mohammed Ali Mohammed Gharib - Umm Al Qura University

        Dr.Eman Fathy Abdel Mohssen Hussein - Umm Al Qura University

   Evaluation of health awareness campaigns provided by the Saudi Ministry of Health to the pilgrims. Analysis study.                                                              8

  • Prof. Dr. Rizk Saad Abd EL Moaty -  Misr International University

    The global trends in modern political media studies.                                   10   

  • Prof. Dr.  Boudjema Redouane – University of Algiers 3

    Hate speech in Tunisian written newspapers : Media Responsibility and

     democratic transition constraints.                                                                12

  •  Dr. Yasin Busati – Ajman University of Science & Technology

    UAE toward Environmental Issues, an Applied Study on Three Daily Newspapers: (Alkhaleej, Albayan & Alittihad).                                                    13

  • Dr. Othman bin Bakr Qazzaz - Umm Al Qura University

    Communicative role of preachers in providing pilgrims with information about        the rituals of Hajj and Umrah A field study.                                                   14

  • Dr. Abd El-Basit Ahmed Hashem Mahmoud - Sohag University

     Uses of Social Networking Sites as Public Relations' Media - A Study of Arab          PR Practitioners' Perspective.                                                                       16


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