Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East
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Issue Applications: Nineteenth Issue
Date 30/06/2018
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association - Sixth year - Nineteenth Issue- April / June 2018

Arab Impact Factor 2017 = 1.34


     Abstracts of Arabic Researches:

  • Prof. Dr. Redouane Boudjema -  University of Algeria 3

Radjai Aichouche  - University of Algeria 3

Media Presence of Politician Woman in the Algerian Public Television

A Critical Analysis of the Symbolic Exclusion phenomenon                                           7                                                                                 

  • Associated Prof. Saad Ibn Saud Al Saud – Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

Negative News on Social Networks and its Relation to the Level of Political Malaise

  Among Saudi Youth                                                8                                                                   

  • Associated Prof. Saber Hares Mohamed  - Gulf University of Bahrain

The impact of print media on the value format in the Arab world                                  9


  • Dr. Hamad Bin Nasser Al-Mousa - Al Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University

Impact of Using Marketing Public Relations on Brand Equity

 A Study on Customers of Diary Companies Working In KSA                             10                                                         

  • Dr. Eman Fathy Abdel Mohsen Hussein - Umm Al-Qura University

Dr. Salwa Ali Ibrahim Al-Gayyar - Port Said University

The treatment of Media for Health and Environmental Issues Through Media Campaigns in the Specialized Satellite Channels for Pre-school Child                         11 

  • Dr. Merhan Mohsen Tantawi – Al Ain University for Science and Technology

Evaluation of Youth to Study Media Specialization in English and its Reflection on their Arabic language – (A Field Study)                                                                           13

  • Dr. Abdelsalam Andaloussi - Abdel Malik Al Sadie University

 Legalization of Media Legitimacy                                                                             14

  • Rula Abdelrahman Ali - Misr University for Science and Technology

Effectiveness  of the Publications of  Public Relations - An Applied Study on the Public       15






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