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Date يوليو / سبتمبر 2014 - July / September 2014
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Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association – Fourth issue – July  / September 2014


Researches in French:

  • Professeur Said LOUCIF – Université d’Alger3

      La Confiance comme instrument d’analyse et de compréhension des relations

      publiques                                                                                                     7                                                                                                                              

          Researches in English:

  • Dr. Osman B. Gazzaz  – Umm al-Qura University

      Pilgrim Problems and their Communication Patterns in the Hajj 1434 (H): AStudy of the Communicative Ecology of the Pilgrim Community from Egypt       24

        Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

           Dr. Mohamed Zen Abd Elrahman - Minia University

Social networks and their role in the activation of the political movement: a field study on a sample of public Upper Egypt                                           62                                                                                                                      

  • Dr. Shaban Hasan Hamada - Ajman University           

Effective Electronic Public Relations at Fujairah charity Foundation in United Arab Emirates                                                                               64

  • Dr. Magda Abd El- Monem Makhlouf - Higher Institute for Media and Communication Arts

The role of the public relations department of internal crises management in Egyptian ministries"Afield study".                                                             66

  • El-Sayed Abdel-Rahman Ali – Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo

The Relationship between Media Ownership and their Manipulation of Democratic Transformation Issues                                                              68

  • Ismail Bin Debeli - University of Algiers 3

Sociology uses frames its approach in Information and Communication Sciences Read the representations and use and ownership                  69


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