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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association – Ninth Issue – October / December 2015

        Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

  • Prof. Dr. Enshirah el SHAL - Cairo University

  La nomophobie à l'ère du numérique                                                                    7  

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Khaled Ahmed Mosaed - Sinai University

Egyptian newspapers processing revolution June 30, analytical Study of the newspapers: AlAhram, Alwafd, Al Masry Al Youm                                            9

  • Dr. Abdullah Abdallah Mohammad elwazzan - Northern Border University

Using New Media (Twitter) Among University Students and its Environmental Realization A field study over some colleges at Northern Border University  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia                                                                            10                                                

  • Dr. Farag Khairy Darweash – Sinai University

         Using news sites and its role in reinforcing university student’s attitude

         towards accepting other                                                                      11          

  • Dr. El-Sayed Abdel-Rahman Ali - Sinai University

          The Relationship between Media Ownership and Political Decision Making in

            Egypt                                                                                                 12


  • Aram Ibrahem Abu-Abat –  Imam Muhammad Bin Saud Islamic University

       Investing new technologies in public relations field – Descriptive study          13


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