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Date أبريل / يونيو 2016 - April/June 2016
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association – Eleventh Issue – April / June 2016


        Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

  • Supervisors :Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Yousef , Associate Prof. Dr. Safwat El-Alem.

The research team: Associate Prof. Dr. Mona Umran, Dr. Tareq Sultan, Dr. Lamia Shehata, Dr. Bahaa Hamed, Dr. Samar Abdul Halim, Dr. Muhannad Al-Amin, Dr. Asmaa Hijazi,  Dr. Walla Abdul Rahman

          Collective Research involving all Faculty Members of the Faculty of Media and             Mass Communication at University of Modern Science in Dubai; Entitled

         Job satisfaction of Employees of the UMS - Dubai                                           7

  • Dr. Hafid Yassen Hamid Al-Hitty - Anbar University - Iraq

        The Fact of Public Relations Activity in Iraqi Governmental Institutions

         Field Study                                                                                                  10   

  • Dr. Hala El Talahaty - Modern University for Technology and Information  (MTI)

        The impact of News Websites targeted at forming the Ideas and Trends,

        An applied Study on the case known as "Marriott cell"(An analytical study)       11

  • Dr. Hearth Yas Khudhair AL- Beyaty   - University -Technology -Malaysia (UTM)

       Employing modern information technology and communication In

        E-marketing (Theoretical study)                                                                   12

  • Dr. Ali HamoudahGoma’aSoleiman –  Al-Azhar University

The Role of Video Press in shaping Foreign Communities’ Approaches towards Islamophobia Phenomenon, Field Study on a Sample of Arabic & non-Arabic Speaking People                                                                                      14

  •  Dr. Yusra Hosni Abd al-Khaliq   - University of Assiut

     Public Relations Communication across the Organization Website"The UAE

      Ministry of Interior as example                                                                 17


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