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Date يوليو / سبتمبر 2016 - July / September 2016
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association – Twelveth Issue – July / September 2016


Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

  • Prof. Dr. Khaled Ahmed Abd  ElGawad  - Al Falah University - Dubai

     Dr. Wafa Salah Abd ElRahman - Zagazig University

The role of the SIS in diffusion the culture of peace

 An analytical study of the organization's Web site                                      7

  • Associate Prof. Dr. Mohammed Shaban Wahdan - Al-Azhar University

           Dr. Mona Muhmood Abd Elgalil     - Al-Azhar University   

        Trends of mothers toward marriage announcements by the media and its role

         in solving the problem of spinsterhood - A field study                                        9   

  • Associate Prof. Dr.Mohamed Abd-Elbadea Elsayed - Benha University

         The role of the new media in support of digital citizenship of the

          university students                                                                                      11

  • Dr. Thouraya Snoussi  - AL ghurair university

        Dr. Marwa Mohamed Saeed - Al Ain University of Science & Technology

         Economic programs on Arab satellite channels: the program "the economy and

         people" as  a model - Analytic Research                                                     12

  • Dr. Hala El Talahaty - Modern University for Technology and Information  (MTI)

           Elements of the psychological impact of the News programs in Al Jazeera

           network (An analytical study)                                                                     13

  • Dr. Andaloussi Abdesselam - Moroccan Center for Studies & Research in the media and communication

         Arab religious channels: A Field Study of the direction of the Moroccan                         audiences                                                                                                 14

  • Dr. Halla Doghmane - University of Algiers3

        New communication Media ..Critical Essay on Theoretical and Methodological                Frames of  Reference                                                                              16

  • Awatif Hassan Haider Al.Yafei - Sana'a University 

        Analytical vision for Applied & Scientific developments in the area of

                       Corporations‘ social responsibility - Analytical Theoretical Study                        17


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