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Date أكتوبر / ديسمبر 2013 - October / December 2013
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Scientific Refereed journal - Issued by the Egyptian Public Relations Association - First issue - October/ December 2013


  •  Prof.Dr. Enshirah elSHAL   

             Piratage des ondes radio

  •  Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bauer

Marketing, Public Relations and Journalism – Enemies or Partners? 

  •  Prof. Dr. Mohamed El- Bokhary

         Government policies, press and public relations in our contemporary world  

  • Prof.Dr. Ali Kessaissia

 Media Legal Studies:

The Nature of the Rules governing the flow of information in Public spaces  

  •  Prof.Dr. Rizk Saad Abd EL Moaty

Religious curricula and their effects on Media Studies at Al Azhar University

  • Associate Prof. Dr.Saddek Rabah

La perception de l'islam et de l'Arabe dans les manuels scolaires français   

  •   Dr. Hatem Mohamed Atef

Social responsibility of public relations an analytical study of websites of institutions of communications sector working in Egypt.       

  •  Dr. Islam Ahmed Osman

Exposure to Political Satire Through Social Networking Sites and It’s Relation to Realize the Political Reality in Egypt. Applied Study On Facebook                   

  •  El-Sayed Abdel-Rahman Ali

The Relationship between Communication and Attitudes of Staff Members toward Development of Information Technology and Systems in the Universities             

  • Moasam Bilal Juma

Dependency of the public in the United Arab Emirates on Media as a source of touristic information        


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