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Date أكتوبر / ديسمبر 2014 - October / December 2014
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Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association – Fifth issue – October  / December 2014


Researches in French:

  • Pr Boudjema Redouane – Université d’Alger3

    Les élections présidentielles de 2014 à travers la presse électronique en Tunisie


          Researches in English:

  •   Prof.Dr. Fazal Rahim Khan – Umm al-Qura University

 Dr. Osman B. Gazzaz  – Umm al-Qura University

   Impact of communication incipience of the pilgrims' residential context on   their communication behaviors & perceptions, Study on the pilgrims Egypt   77

        Abstracts Researches in Arabic:

  • Dr. Abd Allah Abd Allah E`Alwazan - Northern Border University

     The role of Arab news channels to provide university students with information  during the Libyan revolution 17.February                                       78


  • Dr. Hunida Gindeel Abo Baker Ahmadoun - ECT, Abu Dhabi, UAE.

    The press coverage of the economic crises in the Sudan in Sudanese

     newspapers (AKHIR LAHZA & ALYAWEM AL TALEE)                                       81                             

  • Dr. Magda Abdel Monem Makulouf - Higher Institute for Media and Communication Arts

The Design of Online Advertising in Egyptian News Websites                         82


  • Herdan Hady Sayil - Al Iraqia University

Analysis of quality elements in the Islamic sites on the Internet                84  

  • Safa Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Dayem – IAEMS – 6 October City.

          The new media essence and its means “ Theoretical Study                        86


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