Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East
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Issue Applications: Fourteenth Issue
Date يناير / مارس 2017 - Jan/Mar 2017
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Journal of Public Relations Research Middle East

Scientific refereed Journal - Published by Egyptian Public Relations Association - Fourth year - Fourteenth issue - January / March 2017

Arab Impact Factor 2016 = 1.33


English Researches:


  • Associate Professor Dr. Ibrahim Mostafa Saleh- Nile University - Egypt

Analytical Study about the Repercussions of the Communication Crises Management

 in the Middle East: Navigation in Uncharted Water                                               7

     Abstracts of Arabic Researches:

  • Prof. Dr. Abdin A. Sharif - Zaytuna University- Libya

The Trends of the Libyan Academic and Media Elites toward the Eyewitness as a Reporter: A Field Study                                                                                    31    

Development of Concept of the User in the Digital Public Sphere                   32                   

  • Dr. Intisar Obaidi - Fujairah College in UAE

Public relation strategies in management of tourism crisis                              33

  • Dr. Labiba Abdel Naby Ibrahim - Helwan University

Egyptian public opinion attitudes towards EU Situation regarding Syrian refugees

 crisis: An applied study on Facebook                                                           34  

  • Dr. Suhad Adil Jasim - Mustansiriya University

Public Relations strategy in Iraqi universities: An evaluation study of Public Relations Departments in both Universities (Baghdad and Technology) As a Model   35                                                                           

  • Dr. Mohammed Fouad Zied – Menofia university

The Public exposure to satirical political implications provided by the media and its relationship to their political discontent                                                   36

  • Khalid Faisal Al-Firm - Imam Mohammad bin Saud Islamic University

     The use of Social Media in Health Awareness about Coronavirus Disease: An Applied Study on the Medical Cities and the Government Hospitals in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia                                                                                                     37

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